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Code of Conduct


Lincoln is the largest elementary/middle school in the Mt. Vernon City School District with over 500 students, over 30 homeroom and content area teachers, and a support staff of specialists, clinicians, and teacher assistants. Our vision at Lincoln School is firmly grounded in the fundamental belief that every child has a profound desire to learn and a tremendous capacity to achieve, particularly when they are afforded an educational experience that honors their unique cultural identities, personal aspirations, and intellectual abilities. From the Kindergarten Tea in September to Graduation in June, our work at Lincoln is innovative and exciting, allowing students to engage in authentic learning experiences that capture the imagination, pique one’s curiosity, and ultimately instill an abiding commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence.

This vision of excellence also embraces the ideal that students should not only strive to achieve academically, but they should cultivate a humanitarian spirit by learning to serve others in their community as well. As such, Lincoln School strives to be a flourishing learning community that fosters creativity and critical thinking, while producing caring and conscientious members of society who will impact the world in which they live for the betterment of all mankind. In order to bring this vision to life, our mission at Lincoln School is to accomplish the following:

· provide a safe and secure environment where children enjoy learning

· stress the importance of a rigorous and relevant academic program

· focus on quality, research-based instructional practices

· offer a culturally relevant curriculum that speaks to student diversity

· afford students opportunities to explore their interests and aspirations

· recognize the worth, dignity, and leadership capacity of every individual

· cultivate productive and moral citizens who serve in their community