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Lincoln Elementary School Main entrance; street view
Lincoln Elementary School National School of Excellence designation sign

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Our District envisions a rigorous and diverse educational learning experience for all scholars; creating contributors to a global culture of collaboration through innovation, and engagement grounded in recognition and appreciation for all people.

We are pleased to offer the Mount Vernon community 60 Pre-K3 spaces this year. Selections will be made via lottery, and lottery entries must be submitted by October 7. The lottery will be live-streamed at the Board of Education on October 14. Click "Read More" to enter.

Read More about Pre-K 3 Lottery Entry

The mental health support group is a safe and confidential space for individuals who have been affected by mental illness; is caring for a loved one with mental illness; or for those who simply want to learn more about the basic principles of mental health and wellness; and how to get help.


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All are welcome to come to the Fall into Autumn Festival on October 15, from 11 to 3 p.m. Food, pumpkin games, and more festivities will take place. The event will be held at Graham School, 421 East 5th Street, Mount Vernon, NY. The entrance is on Bedford Avenue. 

Read More about October 15: Fall into Autumn festival

see The PRC!

The Parent Resource Center will be a home for parents and families to receive support for almost anything. Click the link below for more information! 

Parent Resource Center

School News

SMART Scholars group photo

The first cohort of the Mount Vernon Smart Scholars program began registering for free college courses this year. Students began the program in 2020 as ninth-graders, and as 11th-graders will be taking advanced placement courses and college courses. Registration was held at Mount Vernon High School at 10:00 a.m., the Mount Vernon STEAM Academy at 11:15 a.m. and Denzel Washington School of the Arts at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.  

Mental Health and Wellness Logo

October 3, begins Mental Illness Awareness Week. Mount Vernon City School District is hosting mental health support groups all week at the Parent Resource Center at Mount Vernon STEAM Academy between 5 and 6 p.m. These support groups are open forums for students, faculty, and parents.  

Dr. Bennett-Conroy with other honorees and Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Lackard and Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

As the sun set, community leaders gathered for the first annual Proud to Serve Mount Vernon Street UnGala on the steps of city hall in Mount Vernon on September 27, 2022. The Wellness and Community Affairs division of the Mount Vernon Police Department celebrated and honored changemakers, including Dr. Bennett-Conroy, who have inspired innovative pathways for better police-community engagement.  

Group photo on basketball court.

Basketball players gathered in anticipation in the gymnasium. Some shot around and threw down dunks. The 12-time champion Mount Vernon High School Knights had to wait to get their rings, but they received them on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Mount Vernon defeated Green Tech in the Class AA championship game on March 19, 2022, to cap off an undefeated season, and today they held a ring ceremony where they received rings and jackets to commemorate their championship. 

Security guard helping students cross

Mount Vernon City School District takes the safety and security of all its scholars very seriously, and as a result, the district has provided temporary security coverage at Mount Vernon STEAM Academy to keep students safe as they arrive and depart from school grounds. The district is currently investigating the situation and looking for a permanent solution. 

Ms. Rebecca Jones speaks to fathers and father figures on Dads Take Your Child To School Day.

Lincoln School welcomed over 50 fathers and father figures during Dads Take Your Child to School Day on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Once the children began their school day, dads gathered in the auditorium for breakfast and a short presentation.  

George Latimer cutting the Memorial Field Ribbon with others.

Westchester County, City of Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon City School District officials were accompanied by local elected officials and other dignitaries in a ceremony on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, to officially open the new Memorial Field.  On Saturday, September 24, the Mount Vernon Knights football team will play their first game at Memorial Field since 2007. The team will face the Yonkers Force.   

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Lincoln Elementary School Main entrance; street view

I can confidently say that the STEAM school has prepared me for the level of rigor I may encounter in college courses while exposing me to a diverse group of peers and professionals.

Laila Issa, MV STEAM Academy Valedictorian 2022

I feel that there are a lot more teachers and grownups willing to support you here – not just in learning but also in your emotions and making sure you are feeling alright. 

Frank Fabian, Benjamin Turner Middle School 

My teacher Mrs. Creighton makes school fun. With all the teachers, principals and AP they do fun stuff.

Morgan Bowen, Edward Williams School

I like how there are always a lot of activities to celebrate our excellence.

Yanelfry Fabian, Mount Vernon High School

My school is special because of my friends, and the principal is always here for me and us and we learn awesome things.

Natalia Hillmeddo, Parker School

I would say that STEAM is a very encouraging environment. The counselors are almost always there to help you with issues you may be dealing with inside as well as outside of school. The teachers also try to encourage us when we aren't keeping up to date. But they are still understanding and caring.

Deanna Cummings, MV STEAM Academy

There are many experiences, fun activities and clubs that can bring out the creativity within each of us. There are opportunities for college credit. There are so many diverse talented people here.

Montay Campbell, Mount Vernon High School

I like to do math the best at my school because it is amazing and fun. I like using the cubes and other math things to help me figure out problems.

Owen Bravo, Columbus

Hard work pays off. In the end, no matter how you look at it the more effort you put in the more you get out of it. The teachers really help me put my best foot forward, which allows me to try harder.

Deshawn Wallen ’22, MV STEAM Academy

School is a melting pot of cultures, so you learn and have different perspectives.

Britaney Sinclair, Mount Vernon High School

Everyone knows everyone, It’s like a family here at Traphagen.

Alistair Bell, Traphagen School

What I like best about this school is we have fun bake sales and have very fun events like Spirit Week.

Maria Garcia, Mandela/Zollicoffer School

Something that makes my school special is the school’s principal. She works very hard to put together the best school possible. She is a true Holmes School Hero. And, our whole school appreciates her very much.

Jemerlyn Ste. Marthe, Holmes School

School allows me to get involved in activities that I wouldn't normally do.

Mahnyia Marks, Benjamin Turner Middle School

My school is special because the teachers slow down and help you if you need help.

Dylan Taylor, Graham School

I do band lesson and I'm getting better at it. 

Skylar Savariau, Parker School

We are strongly encouraged by teachers and the staff to work hard and try our best with all the work we do.

Emily Galindo, MV STEAM Academy

Columbus is special because we have the Columbus CARES Bear as our mascot. I love when he shows up to assemblies and we can sing our Columbus CARES song and he dances to it.

Clayon Smith, Columbus

As an IB scholar, we have a great community of future leaders and a lot of amazing support from our peers and teachers.

Lesley Iyamu, Mount Vernon High School

I like that my school has a drumline. I have a chance to practice doing something that I LOVE!!

Tristan Paul, Edward Williams School

I like the preps because I get to learn different things about art, music, PE, and media. In every activity, I learn more and more about music and art. I learn about abstract art, how to play the ukulele, how to play basketball, and poems.

Eliana Dewar, Traphagen School

What makes my school special is that some of the staff have great qualities to have the students look up to them.

Naomi Hooks, Mandela/Zollicoffer School

My school is special because we get to take high school classes early to get credit.

Skyler Mack, Holmes School

My school provides us programs to help us, like African dance, the Boys Club, and My Sister’s place.

Lily Cudjoe, Graham School

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